The Loss of Innocence

I came across an old picture of my mom and her sisters holding hands when they were just little girls. The picture must have taken around 1959-ish. I love this picture for so many reasons. Today though, looking at it made me think about raising my own children.

These three sisters all went in different directions in life, but stayed connected in a powerful way. Sure, they have had their fair share of issues; a few giant monumental arguments, a lot of bickering, and loads of tears. Yet still there remains a clear sense of love between them all. They all went on to raise their own beautiful families and now have gorgeous grandbabies. They still talk to each other and share special moments; and although they might not get to hold each others innocent hands anymore, they continually give each other support in their own ways. The thing with families is as we grow older and we lose our innocence, it’s not always as easy to take each other’s hands.

I am sure my grandparents made mistakes raising these cute little girls, and I know my parents made a few raising my siblings and I, and (I hate to admit it) but I am positive my husband I will make mistakes raising our children. But as I looked at this picture this morning I didn’t see the mistakes but only saw unity and love.

I pray that my son will be blessed with future siblings, and that my children can have an even stronger bond than the girls in the picture. I pray that they will continue to hands through the ups and downs of life. I pray that their love outshines all else, and that they never stop loving each other.

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