Is Instagram real life?!?

Is Instagram real life?!?

I literally said this out loud today.

We live in this social media obsessed world and sometimes it makes me question what is #reallife?? I am trying to grow my social media presence because I want to share with other women my postpartum depression journey. I want to give a voice and spread awareness to moms everywhere.

However, I needed to remind myself today that I am surrounded daily by women who may need to hear my story, share their story, or just talk with someone with a listening ear. That new mom in the grocery store line, the grandma at the bank, a neighbor whose family is struggling. I need to remind myself that it does not matter what I write or post on this account if I am not paying attention to those individuals I see face to face. I believe in recent decades there has been a breakdown of community, of neighborhoods, and of families.

It is my challenge to you (and myself) to make time to talk in person to your neighbor across the street, the lady you see at the coffee shop every morning, the family that sits behind you every week at church. I challenge you to join your local moms groups, go to each other’s houses, have coffee with an old friend.

Would it be possible to start rebuilding our communities and our relationships off social media if we spent equal amounts of time conversing face to face as we do scrolling through our Instagram feeds? I am going to try it and I hope you do to!

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